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Gutters Up CloseProtect Your Roof

Are you a St. John or Crown Point resident who just wants to protect your roof from potential damage brought on by heavy rain or falling leaves? Then making sure you have all of the knowledge necessary to know what types of gutters to invest in. Keep reading to find out the available gutter types and the benefits of each.

Types of Gutters

The effectiveness of different types of gutters depends on the material that they are made from — below are some of the main materials that are used to construct leaf- and rain-protection systems:

  • Vinyl – This material is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, typically costing only about $1 to $2 per foot. Systems using vinyl are constructed by snapping together sections until the correct length is achieved, and they are also very resistant to rust and rot. The downside of this material is that they cannot withstand extreme heat or cold, and they can bend and buckle under heavy rain and snow.
  • Aluminum – A more expensive option, usually coming in at $1.50 to $8 per foot, is aluminum. It is a lightweight material that offers construction similar to that of the vinyl systems as well as a seamless construction option. The seamless systems are just that: seamless. That means that they are less-prone to leaks since they are not held together by rivets or screws.
  • Steel – Though this material option may be pricier than gutterss, with a cost that could come in around $12 per foot. Available in galvanized, galvalume, or stainless steel, these gutters provide strength that the other options lack. It doesn’t rust or bend easily, is available in a seamless construction option, and is able to last for as many as 15 years before needing any kind of maintenance.
  • Zinc – Zinc is strong and rustproof, but lacks many color options. It also comes in a seamless option that can last as many as 50 years for about $10 per foot. However, it can be vulnerable to acidic runoff from certain kinds of roof shingles.
  • Copper – Available as seamless or in sections, copper gutters are a great option, as they never rust or need painting and can last up to 100 years ­­– though they are a bit pricey, coming in between $11 and $18 per foot.

Upgrade Your Leafproof Gutter System Today

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