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What are the Different Roofing Finishes?

Types of Finishes

If you’re thinking of re-roofing your home, one of the decisions that inevitably arise will be what kind of finish you would like. With so many different roofing finishes available, it may be hard to decide which option may be right for your needs. Below we’ve listed the most common types of roofing finishes and a bit of information about each to help make this decision much easier.


after-metal-roofing-shelby-INWood roofing is a popular style of roofing finish; it has a natural look that lasts. Wood finishes are durable, but are vulnerable to fire, rotting, and molding. So, while they may look attractive, wood finishes may not be the best option if you’re looking for a sustainable, easy-maintenance roof.


Slate roofing is a popular style that fits well with many older housing designs. Slate roofing is also very durable — it is made of layers of rock. This variety of roofing is generally expected to last for generations, and provides a more sustainable option since homeowners don’t need to worry about the cost of replacing shingles.


Asphalt roofing finishes are ideal for temporary fixes since they are relatively affordable when compared to other roofing finishes. However, they are not the most stylish of roofing options and often have a very short lifespan. If you’re only looking for a short-term solution, this roofing finish may be a good option.


new shingle roofing jim cotterTile roofing finishes are admittedly a beautiful way to adorn your home, especially if it has Spanish-style architecture or the like. Tile roofing finishes can be heavy, so they are best suited to newly built homes that can support the weight.


Crown Point Indiana Steel roofingMetal is one of the most popular options when it comes to roofing finishes. They are durable, good-looking, and fairly affordable. With the incorporation of innovations like standing seam roofing, you can hide all the bits and pieces thanks to a hidden fastener system. The best part about metal roofing is that it can use silicone-modified polyester and acrylic coated galvalume to make it appear as though it is a different roofing finish.

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