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houseContractor, Pro and Premium Services

Homeowners across Saint John and Crown Point have been coming to us to take care of their service needs for decades. Style-Craft provides three levels of service: Contractor, Pro and Premium. It may not be clear which option is the right one for your needs. Luckily, we’ve set up a simple quiz to help you decide on which of our excellent roofing and window services to go for in a given situation.

At Style-Craft, we take pride in our range of options and the dedication to quality we put into all of them, whether you need a more affordable option or the most heavy-duty solution.


It’s time to get a better, more durable roof for your home to prepare for that unpredictable Northwest Indiana weather. You’re looking for:

  1. A classic looking roof that you can purchase affordably and get installed quickly
  2. A roof that can hold up to wind uplift and fire, with hidden screws and a great look
  3. A tough and rugged roof with a premium finish to resist UV sunlight, acid rain, and pollution

If you chose number one, go for the classic Contractor Series roof. If you chose number two, check out our Pro Series option. And if you chose number three, you’ll find everything you want in the Premium Series roof.


Winter is coming, and you need windows that will keep your energy bills low while still delivering a lovely view of that snowy Indiana countryside. You’re in the market for:

  1. Simple and effective one-piece units that meets Energy Star standards
  2. Vinyl windows that are strong enough to offer insulation and security alike
  3. Vinyl windows equipped with the same insulation used in most refrigerator doors that’s guaranteed to keep out the harshest weather

If you picked number one, the Contractor Series window set will be perfect for your needs. If you picked number two, you’ll get everything you want in the Pro Series windows. And if you went for number three, you’ll love the Premium Series window units we offer.

Get Exactly What You Need at Style-Craft

Whatever your needs may be, you’ll find the perfect solution close to Saint John and Crown Point at Style-Craft. With services ranging from seamless gutters to doors, we offer the highest-quality replacements on the market. Just give us a call at (219) 696-1266, and we’ll get you taken care of.